The World Awaits…

How much do you really know about the world we live in and the people we share it with? Have you always wanted to see the world and enjoy the different cultures but have never got the chance?  Hopefully I can help you explore the world and the people here if traveling is not in your future and if you are a traveler then I hope you will join me and share your experiences, good and bad, with others so that they may live through our eyes.

I have traveled to a lot of different places and some were so far from my own culture that I wasn’t sure what to expect but ended up loving it, tried some new weird food, experienced things I never had before and enjoyed it all. So my goal is not only to just share my travel experiences with you but to discuss these places, the culture, the food, the religion, the politics, the people, and their beliefs in these different places and hopefully by doing so I can help people understand the differences, explain why some people believe what they do and discuss those differences in a meaningful way.

Please feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, recipes from your travels, different religious views around the world, different cultural experiences you may have had, and just your overall thoughts on where you have been or where you would love to go.


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